Bringing a new bundle of joy into the world is one of the most beautiful experiences a family can share. There are so many ways to honor the mother and unborn child, and prenatal henna and belly art is a tender gift of adoration that the family can cherish forever. Prenatal henna is an ideal addition to a baby shower or other celebration. Prenatal body art is a wonderful way to introduce your bundle at their first photo shoot.


Whether arranging creative arts for children, or sipping wine while hosting a painting party at your home or local venue, creating your own canvas with Enchanted Hasna will give your guests two hours of artistic play and instructional entertainment. From the beginning pledge including the promise to use art to “set yourself free” to the liberty you enjoy from either crafting a quality painting by following instructors steps, or fulfilling your personal vision and making a unique creation, Enchanted Hasna provides the canvas, easel, paint brushes, apron and paints to make sure you are well equipped for artistic success. At the end of this event, you are able to leave with your work of art, and you don’t even have to wash your brush! You create, and we take care of the rest!


Children and imagination go hand and hand. Similarly to how adults love makeovers, children love the transformative powers of disguise. Facepainting by Enchanted Hasna is a sure way to entertain diverse groups of guests from 2-92. Each design takes only minutes to complete, however the joy that children and adults experience from this fantasy play can last a lifetime. Using all hypo allergenic materials and makeup quality glitters and gels, children can become their favorite character for a day while being delighted in a flawlessly weightless costume. The miraculous looks of joy that come from the faces of the little clients is what adds the enchantment to these events.


One of the most satisfying ways to gather friends and family is with a theme of celebration and self adornment. Similar to A Red Tent motif, private henna parties promote wellness, happiness, beauty and sisterhood. In your home or place of gathering, the artist provides a comfortable set up for henna application anywhere on the body. This includes designs to choose from (clients are never limited to these designs and are encouraged to look for their own as well) before and after henna application treatments, care instructions and additional sparkles (if desired) All henna that is used for henna gatherings has been specially crafted for your event and is made with the freshest henna powders, high quality essential oils and organic ingredients. If you have a special preference for your henna treatment, your request can be accommodated with ease. Individual bridal henna is also available.

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